I, Mistress & Wife

This is the tale of three women: I, Mistress & Wife. Each one is a part of this single woman. They confront and question each other, but each one needs the others to form a coherent unity, a single character with all of her contradictions.

As company Babafish’s first création, this piece combines contemporary dance, circus arts, music and cinéma, supported by a scenography symbolising a virtual city in which time and space seem absent.
These notions transpire through a particular mix of perspectives (horizontal and vertical), stage and aerial cradle, dance and acrobatics.Choreographic originality and dare devil air lifts produce strong and even sometimes violent images: this imaginary world is feminin in all its complexity and contrast.

Baba Fish is a Belgian company founded in autumn 2009 by three young women: Anke Bucher (Germany), Michela Henle (Switzerland) and Anna Nilsson (Sweden), all graduated from Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels.

Anna and Anke worked i.a for many years with Feria Musica. Michela worked as a freelancer for several companies.The project « I , Mistress & Wife » was born in 2010 through creative research during various residencies in Belgium and abroad with several small showcase-performances in different european theatres.

In March 2010 « Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe » decides to support the project. After more research in 2010, BabaFish starts a new chapter in its creation of « I, Mistress & Wife » During the experimental phase, the show’s backbone was a text written by Jo Ackermans. In 2011, the physicality of the creation takes over, leaving the text behind, putting an emphasis on the elements of presentation. The piece now handles the subject of a single woman divided into her three parts.

Creation & interpretation: Anke Bucher, Michela Henle, Anna Nilsson

External eyes: Roxane Huilmand, Rasmus Ölme, Angelique Willkie

Musical composer: Manu Hermia

Light designer: Pier Franco Sofia

Video: WolfgangKolb

Scenography: Alexandre Fievez

Thanks to: Jo Ackermans,Jean-Charles Herrmann