Bed is a voyeuristic journey into the private world of the beds and the heads of others – an eye to the keyhole of the bedrooms and dreams of everyday people. With one foot in the waking world and the other foot in different dream states, Kecca Rocca take you on an astounding and surreal journey of constantly changing worlds and emotions. Blending circus, video, music and theatre, using poignant and beautiful imagery, which has derived from real life experiences : their unique style and technique, developed to combine these art forms, creates a fantastic and strange world where anything can and will happen.

Nightmare, Joy, Insomnia, Passion, Frustration, Loneliness, Love, Desperation, Fear, Insanity . . .

All of these things, and more, come to us at some time in the middle of the night, in the only place where we are truly alone . . . . . our dreams.


Direction: Annabelle Holland (UK) I Performer / Interpretation: Jonathan Priest

(UK) I Film Maker / Création vidéo: Nathan Hughes I Mentor & Outside Eye / Mentor : Rob Tannion

Lighting Designer & Technical Manager: Anna Barrett I Riggers: David Greeves & Howard Morley

Direction production & stage: Abigail Hill & Netty Miles

With the support of: Crying Out Loud PiPs programme (London, UK), Circomedia, Theatre Bristol (Bristol, UK), Arts Council England

Residencies: Espace Périphérique (Paris, France), Circomedia (Bristol, UK)