Nacho Flores

After 10 years of work on the tight wire, Nacho Flores turns fully towards balancing on wooden cubes, a new technique devised by Nacho after three years of intensive research. A circus technique hitherto unknown, that makes us enjoy its visual quality, while maintaining the audience in maximum tension with the impossible balancing. The show takes us into a world where both the objects and the actor have to constantly fight with gravity. A real attack on Newton. If Newton had seen the show it would have taken him 10 more years to arrive at his theory (unless a cube would have fallen on his head). Tesseract gives a sense to the purest meaning of circus arts: to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The viewer can relate to the character’s each and every action, because his actions reveal the problems of anybody’s everyday life. A humanist character that invites us to share his surreal world where the simplest action can be an obvious challenge. The character, shrouded in loneliness, makes new friends, human constructions made of cubes and half made dreams. Madness and tenderness by the hand of an anachronistic builder.

In the universe of Tesseract ephemeral sculptures are created, like the Tibetan mandala creating the scenery in the architecture of instant. Nothing is held for a long time, the cubes are transformed offering us myriad ways, creating characters, situations, or even a staircase that leads to the afterlife.