Room 100 is an experimental performing arts company from Split, Croatia, established in 2010 by Antonia Kuzmani_ and Jakov Labrovi_.

C8H11NO2 is the first show by Room 100, is the result of a unique creative process by self-taught artists. A mixture of contortion, dislocation, butoh and break dance performed to dark ambient music played live by Davor Gazde on analogue oscillators.

C8H11NO2 is a starkly physical vision of the world of schizophrenia: intense, disturbing, yet intimate and hypnotic.

C8H11NO2 stunned the jury of “Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe 2009-2010” project earning this young company a title of laureate and critics of being an “exceptional example of an intelligent, accurate, deliberate and intensive work”.

C8H11NO2 premiered in Paris in September 2011 and has since been performed at performing arts, contemporary dance and contemporary circus festivals in France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Switzerland and Croatia.

In April 2012, Room 100 started working on their second show which is going to premiere in late spring 2013.