Sirkus Aikamonen

Days were following each other, and each was filled with a lack of! color. Then we noticed different colors on peculiar things, they stood! out from their surroundings and we didn’t quite know how to react to!this. It was time to break out of our grayscale comfort zone and notice the different wavelengths of light around us!

In our show, we study colors both as a visual phenomenon, and as a symbol for the deviation from the grayscale norms in our society. Through the color/lack of color theme we ponder the prejudices that we tend to have towards colorfully abnormal people and actions. Our show combines the elements that we, as a group, use to fight the mainstream and live a colorful life : circus tricks, live music and the trust we have in each other!

Our favourite colors are green, tangerine and wine red. What is the color of the music that you are listening to?

Creation & interpretation (FI): Sade Kamppila, Oskar Rask, Jouni Ruuth, Kaito Takayama, Heikki Tolin

Music: Sade Kamppila, Oskar Rask, Kaito Takayama, Heikki Tolin, Jouni Ruuth I

Choreography: Mira Ravald I Light Designer: Tomi Kuisma

With the financial support of: Arts Council of Finland, Finnish Cultural Fundation, Häme Regional Found

Residencies: le CENTQUATRE (Paris, France), Koulutuskeskus Salpaus(Hollola, Finland), Cirkus Xanti (Oslo, Norway)

Thanks: Cirko – Center for New Circus, Lionel Lejeune, Pasi Nousiainen, Kazimir!Kolesnik, Petri Heikkilä, Sverre Waage, Jani Nuutinen.